This is a first for me! But I LOVE THEM! #BirthdayNails #NailPorn #Satisfied Thank you babeh!  @jujunails217
My intention is to fill up Facebook with flowers to break the saturation of negative images and videos. If you like this post, I will choose a flower for you.
I can’t wait for my birthday!
Bantu knot princess.
I want to wish my #GorgeousGodDaughter a very wonderful second birthday today. Like, I remember the day you were born! Yes I was there when you came out of your drugged mother! It felt like only yesterday! Amelia Rose, Godmommy loves you stinka!
@ the groove enjoying good food and good music
Treated myself today. #NailPorn #Satisfied
I was challenged by @2flawles4u and @celisey to do the #PrettyFaceChallenge I nominate @smhookahqueen @tyblizzy @queen.poetry @yougotthewrightone and @libra_season924
Ok I have another one. This shoutout goes to my Pookah, my little pain in the butt, my monkey. This little girl has become my everything and has had me wrapped around her little finger since I met her. She is so full of character, she’s so loveable, and so eccentric, going a day without her brings me down. Baby girl I have watched you grow so much and so fast over these past two years (and yes I’m breaking your clocks too) and I cherish every moment I have with you. I’m so blessed to have you here with me, because you honestly brighten my days. Godmommy loves you pookah! Happy 2nd birthday!
Ok. Whew! Where do I start? So… when I was almost 3 years old, my mother gave me an early birthday present. Her name was Celise aka “Taco Baby” she was (and still is) the smallest thing ever, and although she makes me want to feed her to the wolves sometimes, I am so glad mommy had her. She is growing into a BEAUTIFUL (daddy get your guns out) young lady and I still can’t believe she turns 18 today. (Breaks the clocks and tries to stop time) I love you guh! Happy birthday! @celisey
Our waiter brought her a brownie and ice cream! That potty doesn’t stand a chance after today
Happy 2nd birthday to my baby!
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