I have no words. #SelfExplanatory
This face though lol. My first attempt at braiding turned out pretty decent!
#BoatParty! I’m ready!
I decided to go short. I love these new colors. #NailPorn #Satisfied #PolishPorn
Yesterday at the park. I love my Pookah
Guess who’s #StylingOnEm today with God Mommy #GorgeousGodDaughter
Point blank period
I was given the “Mommy Challenge” by @queen.poetry I have 3 daughters (yes my #BoogerNugget is considered my daughter.) These girls mean the world to me! (Sorry I took so long poetry lol)
Please understand this people! So many mistake lust for intimacy, when in reality intimacy is made up of all the little things that make a relationship!
Good morning
I found Mrs Krabbs LMFAO
These are giving me life atm. I need to go to sleep but I think I feel a sugar rush arising.
Yasssss. Killing the game!
For her to be so small, she sure can take up a queen sized bed….